My “Gratitude I” vessel is at Blacktown Arts Centre

My “Gratitude I” vessel is being exhibited at the moment at the Blacktown Arts Centre as part of the Blacktown Art Prize 2014 finalists. Below is a small artist’s  statement about this piece.

“My works are a reflection of myself, they are a product of my Peruvian/Amazonian background. I love the colour and the rawness of them, there’s nothing to hide. I do feel a rush of energy and spirituality, when I create and I feel grateful. I hope you do too”.

If you would like to vote for me for the #peoplesawardprize just follow me in Instagram @latinartlover and repost the post with the vessel to#VoteBCAP14 @blacktownarts thanks, gracias.

"Gratitude I"vessel, mixed media. © Maritza Noa-Cabrera, 2014.

“Gratitude I” vessel, mixed media. © Maritza Noa-Cabrera, 2014.



Wovenscapes Opening Drinks Saturday 2nd August 3pm – 5pm Wild Valley Art Park 321 Blaxland Road Wentworth Falls


Opening Drinks

Saturday 2nd August

3pm – 5pm

Wild Valley Art Park
321 Blaxland Road Wentworth Falls

Exhibition open 2 – 31 AUGUST
Gallery open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm

Featured Artists:
Jillian Culey
Michelle Snowden
Claudia Echeverria
Greg Somerville
Paula Martin
Nanette Goodsell
Nicole Robins
Maritza Noa-Cabrera
Margot Turner
Julie-Ann Henninger

© Maritza Noa-Cabrera, “Wild Red” 2013. Wire and Wool

autumn harvest #chokosistergallery 28/2014#weepingwillow used fresh (green fibre). Fibres in order of appearance - from centre base are - #hardenbergia #redcordyline #dietes #bangalowinflorescence #philodendron #willow red cordyline #jacaranda #inflorescence before willow rim. Various corded fibres throughout including dried #clivia flower heads and stems. #basketweaving #naturalfibres all from Sydney’s #innerwest #urbanjungle

© Nicole Robins, autumn harvest #chokosistergallery 28/2014#weepingwillow used fresh (green fibre).



Meshealifestyle, layering with Style. Fashion and gifts Boutique


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Meshealifestyle is a store you will love! Its French shabby chic interior and design will have you excited and busy for a few hours. Needless to say it’s a feast to the eyes so if you’re thinking about what to get for mum on this coming mother’s day, grab a friend or just come along to Leichhardt, the little Italy in Sydney and make it a date for shopping and laughter.

Leichhardt is located in the Inner West area of Sydney and it’s buzzing with lively cafe shops, Italian trattorias and pizzerias and fashionable retail outlets. Meshealifestyle, boutique is located at 40-42 Short St, almost on the corner of Short and busy Norton St. You will find some of my artworks in there too! So come along and check it out!

Vessels by Maritza Noa-Cabrera

Vessels by Maritza Noa-Cabrera, visual artist

Shopfront at Meshea

Beautifully decorated display window at MesheaLifestyle in Leichhardt, Sydney.



Spiritual Force from Within


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© Thierry Chatelain, American Indian man with Feathers.

© Thierry Chatelain, American Indian man with Feathers.

Many years ago, I found and bought a print which talked to me. It was a print of a painting made by American artist Thierry Chatelain. Back then I didn’t know I would become an artist. I bought this print because, to me, it represented a “spiritual force”. It was the image of an American Indian man whose serene gaze looking out into the space gave me comfort, it made feel peaceful. The image also included an Eagle as if he was wearing it as a crown, two single blue and brown feathers, one of my favorite color combinations, to complete his look he was wrapped around with an American Indian rug, with interesting prints and colors, he was also wearing handmade jewellery made of organic materials, such as leather, feathers and shells. There was also a wing protruding from his “inside” all of this set against a red background that looks like an astrology constellation. I have kept this print, always hanging in my kitchen wall. When we moved to our new house, I forgot to display it, I put it aside up until yesterday, when I realized that everything I am doing right now,  in regards to my projects and work has something to do with, this “spiritual force”. I have always had it in me and it has been with me throughout my visual arts studies, my degree papers and my life. I feel we all have it, we just have to be connected to it, we just have to find it in us. Thank You, Thierry Chatelain!


Good luck amulet for the New Year 2014


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Tribal statement necklace and adornment.

© 2014 Maritza Noa-Cabrera. Protection and guidance shield.

Hey guys, I hope you had a great beginning of the new Year. Here I am writing a short note to wish you all, all the best in this new year. I have made this special dream catcher or shield if you prefer. It will guide you spiritually for protection, power and realization of the self. It is 16cm long and 12cm wide, it can be worn as a long statement necklace or can be used to adorn your favourite spot in your home or your car. Need to place orders and allow at least five working days before you are ready to own it. Wear it, show it!
Be Happy, Be Safe. Shine crazy little diamonds!


Queen Kookaburra, the laughing bird.


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© 2013 Maritza Noa-Cabrera, Queen Kookaburra, Watercolour. 42cm x 30cm

This beautiful bird is a kingfisher and it is native to Australia and New Guinea only. I must say they don’t have the little crown on top! The top is just my vision of this bird when I painted it. I do like crowns, hair bands and headdresses and yes I had to put a head-dress on it.

In Australia we know it is going to rain when we hear a “laughing” kookaburra, they have this particular way of singing when it is going to rain, I wonder whether it is a little ceremonial laugh, because they know that soon after the rain there will be plenty of fish in the swelled up waters.


Contemporary Tribal Jewellery and Ornaments for the warrior in You


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©2013 Maritza Noa-Cabrera, Fertility, acrylic on paper.

©2013 Maritza Noa-Cabrera, Fertility, acrylic on paper.

This is the name of my new page in Facebook, some may say it is too long. It suits me for now as it is something I always wanted to do, the tribal, the primitive, the rawness of life and society have always been a source of inspiration in my art.

This Facebook page intends to showcase the smaller work I make to sell faster. Jewellery/Jewelry, ornaments, objects, small primal paintings of A3 size. I think we all should own a piece of tribal jewellery/jewelry to connect us with our ancestors, our spiritual beings, we should create magic in our lives and I hope my pieces will do just that.

Please check it out, I have just launched it today not long ago and if you do please like it and say, Hi, I am a warrior!